New Delhi– Sriram Krishnan, a former Twitter executive of Indian origin, recently revealed that he is helping Elon Musk through initial changes at Twitter which he bought for $44 billion, is seeking to counter those who are criticising the $8 fee for Blue tick verification.

On Monday, Krishnan reacted on Twitter to the claim that verification will not solve impersonation but cause more problems.

“Using a CC/mobile checkout dramatically increases friction. And everyone caught impersonating will lose their money,” Krishnan tweeted.

“There are lots of people who should be verified (and often impersonated) and aren’t. And vice versa. The current path on any social network is opaque and easily gamed,” he added.

In his Twitter thread, he further mentioned that charging for blue tick would bring consistency to the platform.

“$8 gives a consistent path for anyone regardless of their level of notability (which is subjective),” Krishnan said.

“The current model also has severe spam issues. $8 and giving everyone blue checks makes those attacks less valuable,” he added.

Krishana ended his thread by saying that “verification on social media was originally meant to solve for “this person is who they say they are”. It was NOT meant to say “we judge this person to be notable”. (IANS)