Bengaluru– IT giant Infosys founder N.R. Narayana Murthy said on Wednesday that the company aims to create an India which would be different from the 20th century model.

Speaking on the occasion to mark the completion of 40 years of Infosys, Murthy said: “When you build an organisation, you are building industry and also building a country. We wanted to create unique opportunities for the middle class.

“There are issues of climate change, inequality, affordability and innovations are only centred on catering to 10 per cent of the population. Ours is a different experiment and different model,” he said.

Murthy said “we want to be a company that moves on to 100 years. The oldest company in the world is about 215 years old. Infosys has to flourish for at least 100 years”.

Talking about the current challenges, Murthy stated the present leadership of Infosys will face a big dilemma, a big question of corporate life.

“They will have to think whether their decisions are going to make their grandchildren proud? Will I be able to earn the respect of all stakeholders… 20 to 30 years down the lane?”

Talking about the crisis and the way ahead for Infosys, Murthy said: “During the challenging times, your aspiration and determination will be tested. You think of 350,000 jobs, their families, children, those are the issues which give strength to face challenges.”

“I never participated in religious rituals during work. At home, I am a religious person. There is a realm of logic. I realise there is a realm of faith which transcends logic. In certain situations, the realm of faith gives confidence and it is much more important,” he said. (IANS)