New Delhi— There is no shortage of pilots in India, the Parliament was told on Monday.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Gen V.K. Singh (retd), told the Rajya Sabha, in a written reply, that there is however, a shortage of type-rated commanders/PIC (Pilot-in-command) on certain types of aircraft and the same is being managed by utilising foreign pilots by issuing Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorisation (FATA).

Presently, there are 82 FATA holders in India, he said.

“Foreign pilots are issued Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorisation (FATA) under the provisions of Rule 45 of Aircraft Rules, 1937 & CAR Section 7, Series G, Part II. FATA is not issued to foreign license holder above the age of 65 years in conformity with Rule 28A of Aircraft Rules, 1937, and is further restricted to any lower age limit prescribed by the license issuing contracting State,” he said.

There are 34 DGCA approved Flying Training Organisations (FTO) in India operating on 52 bases which provide aircraft flying training to obtain CPL (Commercial pilot License). There are seven Approved Training Organisations (ATO) which provide type specific aircraft training to pilots.

The Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU), India’s only aviation university has been established at Amethi, Uttar Pradesh (UP) under an Act of Parliament, he added. (IANS)