Mumbai– The BSE resolved 297 complaints last month against listed companies, the stock exchange said on Tuesday.

According to the BSE, it had resolved 297 complaints from investors against 186 listed companies. These resolved complaints include complaints brought forward from the previous periods.

Last month, the BSE received 191 complaints against 130 companies.

In terms of numbers, complaints for non-receipt of equity shares head the table.

Complaints, classified as ‘Others’, including non-adherence to corporate governance norms ranks second.

The other types of complaints include non-receipt of money (interest, refund and others), non-receipt of debt securities, non-receipt of corporate benefits/entitlements like dividend, bonus shares and others and non-receipt of interest for delay in refunds, dividend and others.

According to the BSE, 10 companies are presently suspended at the Exchange for surveillance reasons/certain non-compliances with the listing regulations/procedural reasons or as per operation of law. (IANS)