San Francisco— Streaming giant Netflix and popular women-first dating app Bumble have teamed up to help users connect over popular TV shows.

With the release of its weekly in-app question game “Netflix Nights In”, which asks users questions about a popular Netflix show, Bumble is putting the phrase “Netflix and Chill?” to the test, reports TechCrunch.

In the new question game, users can compete against one another to see who can correctly answer every question.

A recent Bumble survey found that about 78 per cent of users believe it is simpler to talk to matches when they have similar interests in TV and movies.

Moreover, 72 per cent of survey participants admitted that they discuss movies and television shows when out on a date.

The “Netflix Nights In” will start on January 30 and end on March 13.

The question game will be available to Bumble users in the US, Canada and the UK.

‘Emily in Paris’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Squid Game’, ‘Selling Sunset’, ‘Love Is Blind’ and ‘Outer Banks’ are just a few of the shows that will be featured in each Monday’s quiz questions.

Correct answers to each question will not be revealed until the user and their match vote on it.

Each round will also include celebrities from the corresponding show, such as Amanza Smith from ‘Selling Sunset’, Alexa Lemieux from ‘Love Is Blind’ and Ashley Park from ‘Emily in Paris’.

“When we’re getting to know someone, it’s human nature to try and find common interests. It gives you something to bond over and go beyond surface-level conversation,” Magno Herran, vice president of Marketing Partnerships at Netflix, said in a statement.

“We love seeing people connect over Netflix shows and films and create their own communities around them. And with this partnership, we wanted to give people a way to find someone who gets them based on what they watch while leaning into ‘if you know you know’ Netflix references that have helped to spark many conversations,” Herran added. (IANS)