San Francisco— Google has said that the company is planning to add Microsoft 365 integration to ChromeOS later this year, which will make it easier for users to install the app and open files.

“Today, users of Microsoft 365 and OneDrive software can use the Progressive Web App (Installable here) for their Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel needs. To further help these users, we will have a new integration later this year on ChromeOS, making it easier to install the app and open files,” said Google on its support page.

The new integration will include a guided installation of the Microsoft 365 app, as well as the ability to connect OneDrive accounts to the ChromeOS Files app.

Moreover, the OneDrive integration will also see documents in the Files app moved over to Microsoft’s cloud storage when they’re accessed within the Microsoft 365 app.

The company also mentioned that users in its Dev and Beta channels will be able to test the implementation even earlier, before the full launch.

Meanwhile, Google announced that users can now lock their incognito session when they leave Chrome on Android.

“You can require biometric authentication when you resume an Incognito session that was interrupted,” the tech giant said in a blogpost. (IANS)