San Francisco– Google-owned music streaming platform YouTube Music has rolled out the redesign of the “album view” for Android and iOS.

According to 9to5Google, this redesign prominently centres album artwork and shows a blurred version behind it.

At the top, users get the artist (which can be tapped), Album/Single, and release year, also the album title is displayed next, followed by a Wikipedia description.

Moreover, available actions include download, add to the library, play, share, and an overflow menu, which is how users will now have to access shuffle.

As users scroll down the track list, a play FAB will appear in the bottom-right corner, and at the very bottom, users will get the number of songs and album duration.

Further, another recent change includes Google increasing the font size in the artist page and Explore tab.

This is especially noticeable in the list of top songs, said the report.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music also gets mood filters, i.e. “activity bar” with various moods to tune what appears in the Home feed on the web.

In the web version, it is left-aligned (as on tablets) and appears beneath the app bar, which can be used to switch between Home, Explore, Library, and Search.

For a less Material You look, pill-shaped buttons are used instead of rectangles with rounded corners. (IANS)