San Francisco– As Apple is expected to unveil its Mixed Reality (MR) headset in a few months, some employees have expressed doubts about whether the device would make sense for the company.

According to The New York Times, citing sources, some employees have left the project due to their doubts, while others remain sceptical of the headset’s success, especially at a price of $3,000.

Some employees have been fired due to the headset’s lack of progress, including its use of Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

Moreover, the report suggests that there has been some internal turmoil about the future of the mixed reality headset as some internal sceptics have questioned if the new device is a solution in search of a problem.

Unlike the iPod, which put digital songs in your pocket, and the iPhone, which combined a music player with a phone, the headsets haven’t been driven by clarity, the report said.

Further, doubts from both employees and Apple executives have some employees wondering whether the headset’s release will be delayed.

However, it does not appear that this will happen, as a June launch is still on the table, with “headset manufacturing underway” for the planned reveal in just a few months, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Apple’s second-generation AR (Augmented Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality) headset will feature two high-end and low-end models, which will likely launch in 2025. (IANS)