New Delhi— Meta (formerly Facebook) has started laying off nearly 10,000 workers in a second round of job cuts, and many of the employees have started looking for new jobs on LinkedIn, including a woman who got fired while on maternity leave, after spending three years at the company.

Sara Schneider, a Senior Recruiter at Meta in the US, wrote in her LinkedIn post: “Unfortunately, my maternity leave was cut short at Meta due to the brutal Meta Layoffs. I spent an amazing 3 years at a company that had so many memories and worked with the best teams and incredible people. This layoff was not performance-based as so many top performers were let go.”

Recalling the time spent at Meta, she said: “In my time at Meta I went through so many major life milestones! I moved 3 times, found the love of my life, we moved in together, got engaged, got married, got pregnant, and had our first baby.”

In her post, Schneider also revealed that she had suffered a post-partum haemorrhage 8 hours after giving birth.

“During my birth process, I suffered from an almost fatal post-partum haemorrhage 8 hours after giving birth. I lost over 5 Liters of blood with massive blood clots and blood pressure in the 50s. Although incredibly traumatic, I know I was kept alive for a reason. It gives me a perspective that I have a purpose, and the hills and valleys of life are just that – temporary,” she said.

Furthermore, the ex-Meta employee mentioned that not only she but her whole team got decimated.

“Please like, share and comment on this post so it gets better reach. Please send job leads and provide any resources or referrals for companies hiring — my whole team got decimated and it can not only help me but my fellow TA colleagues as well.”

The tech giant laid off around 11,000 employees last year in its first round of job cuts. (IANS)