San Francisco– Elon Musk-run Tesla is once again making an attempt to encourage owners of older Model S and Model X vehicles, who have been enjoying the benefit of “unlimited free Supercharging for life”, to relinquish this perk by proposing a new offer.

In the initial years of selling its Model S and Model X vehicles, Tesla had an attractive offer for its customers — free Supercharging for the lifetime of their vehicle. This offer was a significant selling point for the company, as it essentially meant that users could power their vehicles without incurring any additional costs, reports Electrek.

Tesla discontinued the perk in 2018 after claiming that it was unsustainable, though it was occasionally reinstated as a sales incentive.

There are still a few hundred thousand Tesla vehicles with unlimited free Supercharging available around the world, said the report.

Moreover, Tesla made a first attempt earlier this year to get those vehicles off the perk by offering owners an extra $5,000 discount if they traded in a Model S or Model X with unlimited free Supercharging.

However, the EV maker is now doubling down on this effort by introducing a new “Ownership Loyalty Benefit”, according to the report.

“Current Tesla Model S or Model X owners with active unlimited free Supercharging are eligible for 6 years of unlimited Supercharging. To qualify, owners must trade in or remove unlimited Supercharging from their vehicle and take delivery of a new Model S or Model X by June 30, 2023,” the company said. (IANS)