New York— Google will give around $100 million to The New York Times over three years as part of a broad deal to use its content on some of its platforms, the media reported.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Alphabet company will use the NYT content on Google News Showcase and some other platforms.

The NYT in February this year announced an expansion of its agreement with Google.

It “described as an expanded agreement that included content distribution and subscriptions, as well as using Google tools for marketing and ad-product experimentation.”

The NYT and Google did not immediately comment on the WSJ report.

The deal covers distribution, subscriptions, marketing and ad products.

In late 2020, an online news experience called Google News Showcase was launched. This platform helps participating publishers share their expertise and editorial voice through an enhanced storytelling experience.

The platform is also a global content licensing programme. Google pays participating publishers to curate quality journalism for an improved online news experience that benefits readers and publishers.

To help readers discover new content, Google News Showcase offers no-charge access to select paywalled articles on a participating publisher’s site that would otherwise only be available to subscribers. (IANS)