San Francisco– Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has introduced the next generation virtual and mixed reality headset ‘Quest 3’ which will be launched later this year.

The 128GB headset starts at $499.99 and users will also get an additional storage option for extra space, the company said in a blogpost on Thursday.

“It features higher resolution, stronger performance, breakthrough Meta Reality technology, and a slimmer, more comfortable form factor.”

Also, the new headset features a next-generation Snapdragon chipset which delivers more than twice the graphical performance as the previous generation Snapdragon GPU in Quest 2.

“On Quest 3, our best-in-class Meta Reality technology lets you seamlessly blend your physical world with the virtual one,” the company said.

The new headset is compatible with the Quest 2 catalogue of more than 500 VR games, applications and experiences, and also more new VR and MR titles are lined up for launch.

Also, starting June 4, Meta will lower the price of Quest 2 to $299.99 for the 128GB SKU (stock-keeping unit) and $349.99 for the 256GB SKU.

“We’ll continue to sell Quest 2 and Pro alongside Quest 3, as well as continue shipping new software updates to make the Quest experience even better,” it added. (IANS)