New Delhi– X CEO Linda Yaccarino has said that the platform is “coordinating with industry peers to respond to terrorist content being distributed online” and “taking action to remove content and bad actors that violate our policies”.

This comes after the European Commission formally opened an investigation into X owner Elon Musk over an alleged spreading of illegal content and disinformation, in particular, the spreading of terrorist and violent content and hate speech in the wake of an ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The Commission last week said that it has sent a formal request for information to X under the Digital Services Act (DSA).

X needs to provide the requested information to the Commission services by Wednesday for questions related to the activation and functioning of the platform’s crisis response protocol, and by October 31 on the rest.

In her post on X, Yaccarino shared handles that users can follow to stay informed. 

“Please follow @Safety for real-time updates on our enforcement, how to report content or accounts, and how to control your settings to make X the experience you want,” she wrote.

The CEO said ‘CommunityNotes’ is a unique and unifying way the community comes together to combat “misinformation”. 

“In one week we’ve added 10,000 new authors and simultaneously rolled out new enhancements to help people see more notes, faster,” she mentioned.

She further stated that the company is actively working with partners, governments, regulators and policymakers to combat misinformation.

Last week, EU commissioner Thierry Breton warned Musk, saying that his X platform “is being used to disseminate illegal content and disinformation in the EU” after the October 7 Hamas attacks in Israel.

The EU Commissioner told Musk to send back a “prompt, accurate, and complete response” to his request in the next 24 hours.

Responding to the EU’s request, Yaccarino said that the microblogging platform has removed hundreds of “Hamas-linked accounts” and “taken action to remove or label tens of thousands of pieces of content” since the attack on Israel. (IANS)