New Delhi– As poor technology tools are costing companies up to six months of working hours a year, about 40 per cent of Indian employees are considering quitting their jobs in the next six months because of work technology holding back productivity, a new report revealed on Wednesday.

According to the software major Adobe, leaders (93 per cent) and employees (87 per cent) both believe that poor technology tools can hurt productivity. Most workers in India also stated that access to technology heavily influences their decision to accept a job offer, with the majority saying it’s critical (34 per cent) or a top consideration (50 per cent). 

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), about 98 per cent of Indian workers said that generative AI is helpful and miraculous, and 94 per cent said the same thing about automation. While the majority of knowledge workers (88 per cent) and leaders (94 per cent) believe their companies should leverage generative AI, 6 per cent still remain hesitant. 

The top barriers hindering its adoption include security concerns, executives’ resistance, and a lack of comprehensive understanding, the report found. 

“The transformative impact of automation and artificial intelligence on work cannot be understated, as they have the power to revolutionise traditional work paradigms,” said Girish Balachandran, Senior Director and Head of Digital Media Business at Adobe India. 

“With due preparedness, organisations can forge a future where productivity is truly empowered, unlocking the full potential of every worker,” he added. 

Moreover, the report mentioned that 94 per cent of workers believe that their companies should use generative AI, however, only 59 per cent of companies use it currently. 

The report surveyed 626 leaders in the Director or more senior positions and 1,385 employees.  (IANS)