Waltham, MA– Spikewell is a healthcare-focused technology startup that collaborates with hospitals to create cutting-edge solutions that aim to lower expenses and equip care providers with state-of-the-art tools, like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Spikewell is keen on advancing the field of healthcare and has a proven proficiency in leading Electronic Health Record systems at renowned U.S. Hospitals, their current clients include the number one ranked Children’s hospital on the West Coast and the top hospital in Montana.

Spikewell says they have seen healthcare institutions increasingly rely on technology for patient care and management, which has led to a higher demand for innovative patient-centric IT solutions. “In the past few years, hospitals used healthcare technology primarily for phone calls and websites on behalf of the institution. However, in recent years, institutions have turned to IT for data management and tracking. Hospitals began by adding Chief Data Officers to their institutions to better combat this data reliance. Beyond the implementation of Chief Data Officers, brands like Spikewell attempt to aid in these demands as well” BK Nayak,the CEO of Spikewell, stated in an email to Life Sciences Times.

So what does Spikewell do? Spikewell supports organizations in adopting cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize their services or operations, integrating the most novel advancements in information technology. Its distinctive data journey strategy converts data into a valuable asset while minimizing operational challenges. Mr. Nayak says this allows “the organization to stand out and evolve into an intelligent, data-centric entity, catering to the needs of the upcoming digital-native demographic with dependable, precise, instantaneous, and user-friendly services and solutions.”

Spikewell offers several services including its SpikeSupport.AI (an automation service for hospital IT help desks) and DocWell.io (a digital documentation, recording, and tracking solution.) Spikewell additionally directly reaches patients through hospital indoor navigation systems and appointment managing services, in order to hold true to its patient-centric approach.

Spikewell started operations in 2019 and is led by Co-founder and CEO BK Nayak. Mr. Nayak’s background includes a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia, an M.Tech in Laser Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and an M.B.A. from M.I.T. ‘s Sloan School of Management. Prior to founding Spikewell, Mr. Nayak was a Senior Scientist and Technology Development Manager at Corning Incorporated and co-founded a Bio-implant startup based on a novel laser texturing process that he invented.