New Delhi– About 54 per cent of employees in India predict a substantial shift in their roles within the next five years, with 95 per cent expressing confidence in their ability to adapt to these changes, a report revealed on Tuesday.

According to the global matching and hiring platform Indeed, India leads the way in boosting optimism towards technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with 75 per cent expressing confidence in the transformative potential of technological advancements.

“Our findings underscore a remarkable readiness among the Indian workforce to adapt and evolve. India’s proactive stance on diversity and continuous skill development is not just setting a benchmark but also inspiring a global movement towards a more innovative and inclusive workplace,” said Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed India.

The report surveyed 9,592 employees, 4,592 employers/managers and 2,487 HR decision-makers across 11 countries from November 30 to December 21, 2023.

Moreover, the report mentioned that India’s passion for technology and AI outweighs any other nation such as Germany (41 per cent) and Canada (42 per cent).

About 44 per cent also believe that AI will create more jobs than it will eliminate.

In addition, the report said that Indian workers have adopted a proactive stance towards career learning and development to adjust to forthcoming shifts in the workplace with 53 per cent having upskilled to develop longer-term skills and learning in the last three years. (IANS)