New Delhi– Japanese auto parts manufacturer Musashi, on Tuesday announced the appointment of Naoya Nishimura as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for India and Africa region.

In his new role, Nishimura will work towards growing the penetration of Musashi’s Electric Vehicle (EV) products in the Indian and African markets.

“Musashi India aims to continue its pioneering efforts in sustainable mobility by expanding its portfolio of high-performance Electric Vehicle components and fostering partnerships to support the adoption of cleaner transportation solutions across India,” Nishimura said in a statement.

Nishimura has been associated with Musashi for more than two decades and has worked across several international markets like Japan and North America.

He has also worked at Musashi in various capacities, including operations, new customer acquisition, Research & Development and business planning.

Previously, Nishimura was the global Chief R&D Officer at Musashi. “Nishimura’s expertise will help Musashi India steer through new challenges faced by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in terms of fast-paced growth and capex-hungry financing requirements,” said Hiroshi Otsuka, President and CEO, Musashi.

Musashi focuses on manufacturing high-quality electric motors, PCU and gear systems to enhance EV range and performance, contributing to improved efficiency and reliability.

With a commitment to innovation, Musashi India aims to play a pivotal role in India’s EV landscape by supplying high-performance EV drive units and supporting the country’s transition to cleaner transportation, the company said. (IANS)