Seoul– Samsung Electronics was the most popular home appliances brand in the United States last year in terms of market share, data showed on Wednesday.

Samsung Electronics took up 21 per cent of the home appliances market share in the US in terms of sales in 2023, followed by its Korean rival LG Electronics at 19 per cent, General Electric at 18 per cent and Whirlpool at 15 per cent, according to data from market researcher TraQline.

In terms of quantity, Samsung also accounted for the biggest market share in the US at 19 per cent, followed by GE at 17 per cent, and LG Electronics and Whirlpool both at 16 per cent, reports Yonhap news agency.

A survey by TraQline also showed that Samsung was the most considered brand when consumers purchase home appliance products at 32 per cent, trailed by LG Electronics at 29 per cent, and GE and Whirlpool both at 28 per cent.

Samsung has recently been working to expand its share in the U.S. home appliance market, releasing new products and services with features using artificial intelligence technology. (IANS)