New Delhi– Even though building a business is many times difficult in India, the Indian dream is real, said Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management and Shark Tank Judge.

Radhika, India’s only female CEO of a major asset management company, was speaking at the US-based Milken Institute’s 27th annual Global Conference in Los Angeles, where tech billionaire Elon Musk also spoke about the concept of the American Dream.

Speaking about the potential and possibilities of India, Radhika noted that “this is now the era of the Indian Dream”.

She noted that anyone from small towns in the country can now “build a business big enough to be listed on the exchanges”.

The success can be achieved “on the back of a large young consumer base, world-class digital infrastructure, and a tremendous environment for entrepreneurship,” said the influencer and a prominent public speaker.

Radhika also noted how Indians “who once went to study abroad with no intention of coming back” are now willingly returning to the country with the understanding that “it is the best decision he or she made”.

“Building in India is often difficult and chaotic in the short term, but the Indian dream is real. Let’s keep at it! Lage raho, chale chalo.” (IANS)