New Delhi– Apple CEO Tim Cook has called the latest iPad Pro advertisement a “major fumble”, after it received backlash from social media users.

Cook’s comment comes after a 22-year-old Indian student ran into the CEO at Stanford while on a hike and asked him about the recent backlash the company received over its iPad campaign.

“Met the one and only @tim_cook on a dish hike run at Stanford. Asked him about the new Apple iPad campaign and here’s what he said,” X user Shaurya Sinha, a student at Stanford University, wrote on Thursday.

In the following posts, the student claimed that the Apple CEO said “Yeah that was a major fumble”, when he asked about the iPad campaign.

He also added that Cook was “super sweet”.

Recently, Apple released an advertisement for its newly launched iPad series. The controversy occurred when the ad showed a hydraulic press destroying creative instruments and devices, a move that many felt was “insensitive and disrespectful”.

This sparked significant criticism, with Apple accused of being “tone deaf”. In response, the tech giant quickly removed the commercial and apologised. (IANS)