Seoul– South Korean fabless semiconductor company FADU said on Monday it has partnered with US data storage firm Western Digital Corp. to co-develop next-generation technology for solid-state drives (SSDs) targeted at business applications.

The collaboration focuses on developing Flexible Data Placement (FDP) technology, which aims to optimise the performance, reliability and lifespan of SSDs.

Demand for FDP has been growing, with major global tech companies, such as Meta and Google, endorsing the technology.

Founded in 2015, FADU specialises in chip design for data centres and is known for its high-performance SSD controllers.

“FDP technology allows us to optimize the placement of data on SSD storage, marking a significant achievement in storage technology,” said FADU CEO Lee Ji-hyo.

“Through our partnership with Western Digital, we will implement the most advanced FDP technology to deliver storage solutions that not only dramatically improve performance but also significantly increase the lifespan of SSDs,” Ji-hyo added. (IANS)