Following are the highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the inauguration of ‘Make in India Week’ in Mumbai on Saturday.

** India is open country to FDI; FDI flows have gone up by 48 percent since our government took office.

Modi-Start-up** Soon we shall be putting in place an effective IPR rule.

** Don’t wait. Don’t Relax. There are immense opportunities in India.

** Manufacturing growth is expected to be 12.6 percent this quarter, compared to 1 percent at the time of #MakeInIndia launch.

** Today’s India is a four dimensional India. India blessed with three Ds: Democracy + Demography + Demand. The fourth D is Deregulation.

** This year we will record highest-ever coal production.

** Please see for yourself the direction India is taking. #MakeinIndia has become a big brand both within and outside India.

** Come make India your work place. This is the best time ever to be in India and it is even better to #MakeInIndia.

** #MakeinIndia week is an opportunity to take stock of how we have performed and the road ahead to get the world to invest in India.

** There is an all round emphasis on ‘Ease of doing business’.

** Want to make India a global manufacturing hub.

** #MakeinIndia campaign has the capacity to boost the Indian economy and brighten the global scenario.

** Make India your centre if your want this century to be your century.

** We want our young generation to be job creators, not job seekers.

** ‘Make in India’ will be the biggest brand India has ever created.

** This is the biggest multi-sectoral exhibition/event that India has ever done.