Bengaluru– Biotech major Biocon has posted profit of Rs.361 crore for the fourth quarter (January-April) of 2015-16, registering a whopping 79 percent growth year-on-year (YoY) from Rs.201 crore in the like period a year ago.

Revenue for the quarter under review (Q4), however, grew 17 percent YoY to Rs.1,004 crore from Rs.854 crore in same period year ago,” the city-based company said in a statement here on Wednesday.

For entire fiscal (FY 20-16), net profit shot up to Rs.896 crore from Rs.497 crore in previous fiscal (2015), registering 80 percent growth YoY, while revenue, however, grew 14 percent YoY to Rs.3,570 crore from Rs.3,143 crore year ago.

Earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda) for quarter increased 18 percent YoY Rs.238 crore from Rs.203 crore in like period and 21 percent YoY to Rs.903 crore for fiscal from Rs.749 crore year ago.

“Ebitda (operating) margin remained flat YoY for quarter at 24 percent and marginally one percent up to 25 percent for fiscal from 24 percent year ago,” the statement said.

Net profit margin 36 percent YoY for Q4 grew from 24 percent in like quarter year ago and to 25 percent YoY for fiscal from 16 percent year ago.