New Delhi–Growth of the IT-Electronic System Design & Manufacturing (IT_ESDM) industry is critical for realising the goals of Make in India and Digital India and help establish the country as a worldwide PC market by 2020, feels the Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT).

“We have suggested to the Government of India some key policy and market interventions to achieve the vision of ‘Net Zero Imports’ and ignite a culture of domestic ICT and Electronics product manufacturing in the country.

Nitin Kunkolienker
Nitin Kunkolienker

“Within the manufacturing sector, the growth of the IT-ESDM industry is critical for realising the goals of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ launched by the government, and help establish India as a worldwide PC market by 2020,” said Nitin Kunkolienker, vice president, MAIT.

The association unveiled the report, “Policy Interventions for Achieving ‘Net Zero’ Imports – IT-Electronics Sector” on Wednesday.

The study highlighted that compared to other low cost jurisdictions, India poses some disabilities for IT-ESDM manufacturers. The cost of manufacturing is estimated to be higher in India compared other global hubs.

“These are on account of physical factors such as higher costs of power, real estate, logistics, additional expenses on account of freight, as well as fiscal factors. India has a multitude of taxes and duties imposed by both the central and state governments. Because of their flawed structure, these taxes often discriminate against domestically manufactured products,” the statement said. (IANS)