New Delhi–Delhi is the only Indian city – figuring at the 22nd spot – in US tech giant Dell’s 2016 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index (WE Cities), listing the top 25 cities fostering high potential women entrepreneurs (HPWE).

The top 5, according to the list released at the White House’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit, are New York, San Francisco Bay Area, London, Stockholm and Singapore. Beijing figures at number 13 and China’s Hong Kong and Shanghai also make the list.

According to the company, WE Cities is a global gender-specific index that looks at a city’s ability to attract and foster growth in firms founded by women entrepreneurs.

“Our index provides insights to move the conversation with policymakers and city leaders from awareness to action and, in turn, to empower women entrepreneurs to have the greatest economic impact on the world,” said Karen Quintos, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Dell.

The company said the findings from WE Cities will be used as a springboard for conversation and change at the seventh annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit (DWEN) — a global gathering of 200 of the top female entrepreneurs, business leaders, media and Dell partners — that is set to take place in Cape Town June 27-28.

“Women entrepreneurs are our country’s best bet for economic growth. It’s time for women to be politically engaged to ensure the right ecosystems are in place for them to scale,” said Elizabeth Gore, entrepreneur-in-residence for Dell.