New Delhi– Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has suffered losses worth Rs 5,022 crore on operations, Rs 461.88 crore on missing scheduled kilometres and Rs 61.64 crore on fuel cost recovery from the contractors between 2010-15, the CAG report tabled at Delhi Assembly said on Monday .

The audit added said the corporation has lost Rs 15.45 crore due to non-achievement of average life of tyres, Rs 11.86 crore on vehicle fitness, Rs 51.39 crore on non-recovery of rent for parking space in depots and Rs 46.11 crore due to working loss on operation of school buses.

“The corporation was operating 574 out of 791 routes as on March 31, 2015…not even one of these routes was profitable….As a result the corporation suffered a loss of Rs 5,022.05 crore on operations during 2010-15,” said the performance audit report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) for DTC.

The audit said that the corporation could not procure a single bus despite availability of funds. “The corporation lost the opoportunity to earn Rs 204.57 crore for procurement of buses due to delay in submission of its project reports”.

The audit also noted that while the manpower cost was almost three times as compared to rest of India, the productivity per person per day was two to three times lesser than the rest of country.

The DTC also lost potential revenue worth over Rs 79.84 crore as delay in award of advertisement and other contracts.

The report said that the fleet utilisation was less than all India average.

“The fleet utilisation and vehicle productivity was less than all India averages. Route planning was deficient. The number of routes not recovering the variable cost increased from 15.24 per cent to 63.80 per cent during 2010-15,” the report said.

The CAG has recommended the DTC to improve fleet utilisation and vehicle efficiency, strengthen internal control and expedite installation and activation of systems like GPS, automatic fare collection system and CCTVs in buses. (IANS)