New Delhi– Indian purchasing sentiment for the first quarter of 2016 displayed high buying keenness, with the Buying Propensity Index (BPI) standing at 0.42, said business intelligence company TRA Research on Thursday.

“Buying propensity is a natural pull that manifests on the basis of Trust (based on reasons to buy) and Attractiveness (based on the inherent magnetic pull to be bought). These two combine to make the fundamental substrate on which all buying decisions are made,” said TRA Research CEO N. Chandramouli in a statement.

Aimed at discovering India’s keeness to buy, BPI conducted research across 3,000 consumer influencers in eight cities to evaluate the current overt, covert and contextual buying sentiment on a scale of plus 1 to minus 1.

“April 2016 started at a higher BPI at 0.46 and downward pressure was exerted through May (0.44) and June (0.37) due to delayed monsoon, inflationary pressure and the Brexit uncertainty,” he said in the statement.

Indicating a positive outlook, 69 per cent of the respondents gave positive to moderately positive feedback on buying keenness, it said.