New Delhi– Ministry for Road, Transport and Highway (MoRTH) has planned to invest around Rs 4,000 crore for the development of highways and infrastructure in Tripura, said an official statement.

The work will be executed by the state Public Works Department and the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd ( NHIDCL).

“The state has 853 km of National Highways, of which 731 km are with the State PWD and 122 km with NHIDCL,” said the statement.

“Four projects are currently on in the state, with a total length of 147 km and total project cost of Rs 1,162 crore. One project with a length of 24 km and total project cost of Rs 42 Crore is likely to be awarded in next three months, and another 3 projects with a length of 110 km and cost of Rs 470 crore are under planning and various stages of award. These are likely to be awarded in the next one year,” added the statement.

Under the Central Road Fund (CRF), Rs 20.42 crore have been allocated to the state during 2016-17. Twelve projects amounting to Rs 57 crore have been sanctioned under the scheme. Four new National Highways have been declared in the state with a length of 388 km.

According to the ministry, some of the important projects include Agartala – Khowai, which is a new highway with a length of 55 km.

“The ongoing projects include Agartala – Udaipur which has 48 km with a cost of Rs 369 crore, being implemented by NHIDCL and due for completion in 2018 and Udaipur Subroom highway which has a length of 74 km and project cost of Rs 498 crore and is due for completion in 2018,” said the statement.