New Delhi– All-flash storage is rapidly becoming the storage technology of choice for the chief information officers (CIOs) in India and 70 percent of enterprises in India expect to have an all-flash storage infrastructure to support most business critical applications by 2020, a new survey said on Wednesday.

According to the findings of EMC-sponsored research from Frost and Frost & Sullivan, one in two CIOs surveyed in the ‘Flash Adoption Study’ plan to move to an all-flash data centre by 2020.

An all-flash array (AFA) is a solid state storage disk system that contains multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives.

“Access to real-time analytics with quicker decision support and real-time development is key, making AFA one of the fastest growing segments. In fact, customers of our AFA solution, XtremIO, are dramatically reducing development time and driving down costs,” said Srihari Palangala, Director and Head of Marketing at EMC.

This highlights the readiness of enterprises today to accept flash into their IT infrastructure in order to boost agility and mobility against the backdrop of an increasingly complex business landscape.

The study shows aggressive evaluation of flash over the last two years and reveals a commitment to making a positive shift toward flash.

Seventy percent of organisations surveyed stated that flash delivers performance and agility, with the majority of these enterprises currently using flash technology to support their mission critical databases.

“Flash storage is fast becoming the choice for CIOs in India. New age organizations are constantly upgrading their systems to suit the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) paradigm,” added Benoy CS, Research Director, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan.