New Delhi–Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR), launched its ADVAITA IIT Roorkee ERP Project Go-Live, to ease its operations and coordinate the tasks of various departments. The digitisation project will connect all its three campuses – Saharanpur, Greater Noida, and Roorkee, its main campus.

The procedure is expected to be done in phases, first phase of which will see the digitisation of core functional matters pertaining to accounts, disbursements, purchase orders, inventory management etc.

The second phase will involve pertaining to the matter such as analytics, business information management, advance financial reporting, collaborative interfaces, paper-free.

To this end, IIT will also hold an interaction with Atos, a digital services firm, and will deliberate upon project’s scope, how to create a paperless ecosystem, the mechanism of Automated monitoring and advance accounting processes, and use of historical data to assess budgeting, among others.

The interaction will be held between Professor Pradipta Banerji Director, IITR and Shirish Phadke, Vice President & Head of India Consulting & System Integration, Atos. (IANS)