Chennai– Low-cost airline AirAsia (India) Ltd. on Monday said an investigation is underway against certain former company officials for raising irregular personal expense claims and certain company charges.

In a statement here, AirAsia (India) said: “There is an ongoing investigation against certain former personnel of AirAsia (India) Limited involving irregular personal expense claims and certain company charges.

“This has already been reported to and discussed at the previous Board meeting. AirAsia (India) Limited will not make any specific reference to the matters investigated at this stage as it may be prejudicial to AirAsia (India) Limited or the personnel investigated,” the statement added.

According to the statement, the three entities of AirAsia (India), AirAsia Berhad and Tata Sons Ltd are looking into all allegations of impropriety and misappropriation very seriously.

The recently-sacked Tata Sons Chairman Cyrus P. Mistry, in his letter to the Board of Directors of the company, talked about “fraudulent transactions” of Rs 22 crore in the case of AirAsia involving non-existent parties in India and Singapore.


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