Hyderabad–Salesforce, a global leader in cloud computing, will be driving nearly 500,000 jobs and $4.2 billion in GDP impact to the Indian economy by 2020, says a report on Wednesday.

In conjunction with global data leaders International Data Corp (IDC), Salesforce have come out with an independent India-specific report.

The IDC report sees cloud spending in India increasing at a radical average compounded rate of 26 percent from 2015 to 2020, with spending on IT following suit with an average compound growth rate of 8 per cent.

Spending on public cloud in India is thus expected to touch $1.408 billion by the year 2020.

By 2020, Salesforce will drive creation of 136,000 jobs within its customer base.

Salesforce and its ecosystem will also enable the creation of 351,000 indirect jobs along the supply and distribution chains serving Salesforce customers.

Benefits of cloud computing coming from Salesforce customers in India will add a GDP impact of $4.2 billion to the Indian economy

IDC reports estimate that for 2015 for India, cloud computing accounted for nearly $8 billion in business revenue.

“For every rupee Salesforce makes in India in 2016, the Salesforce ecosystem should make 2.7 rupees. By 2020, that ratio should be 3:8,” says the report.

The data organisation predicts that Salesforce’ ecosystem will have created $389 billion in positive GDP impact and 1.9 million net-new jobs worldwide. (IANS)


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