Boston– CIMCON Lighting, Inc., a provider of software powered LED controllers and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Smart City lighting management solution, announced the appointment of Santhana Krishnan as President effective immediately.

Krishnan will be responsible for the company’s sales and marketing, including managed IoT services, Lighting-as-a-Service and expanding its Smart City solution portfolio.

Santhana Krishnan
Santhana Krishnan

“Today, cities spend unto 40% of energy costs on street lighting.  With CIMCON’s IoT enabled Smart City lighting management application cities can reduce up to 30% of energy costs and up to 70% of maintenance costs,” said Krishnan, who brings with him over 20 years’ experience in IT infrastructure management software, managed services and Software-as-a-Service, most recently at CA Technologies where he managed strategy, business development and M&A for a $300 million business unit.

With urbanization in developing economies 60 percent of the worlds population – about 4.7 billion people – will live in cities by 2025, according to market reports. Through “smart city” initiatives, cities are adopting IoT applications to improve services, conserve energy and water, relieve traffic congestion and improve quality of life. McKinsey Global Institute estimates impact of the IoT in cities could be $930 billion to $1.7 trillion globally in 2025. The estimates are based on value of improved health and safety, the value of time saved through IoT applications, and more efficient use of resources.

Previously, Krishnan was Founder and CEO of InteQ, a pioneer in managed services which remotely managed mission-critical IT infrastructure for xSPs and enterprise organizations located in over 90 countries.  Prior to InteQ, he worked at HP and IBM.

“Rapid urbanization is forcing cities to consider IoT and Smart City technologies, and CIMCON is well positioned to be the foundation for connected cities,” said Anil Agrawal, Founder and CEO of CIMCON Lighting. “We are delighted to have Santhana join the CIMCON team. His experience coupled with industry insight and vision will be a tremendous asset in accelerating the company’s growth by further developing and commercializing compelling smart city applications.”

“I am very happy to be joining CIMCON at such an exciting time for the company as it continues to expand its global presence,” said Krishnan.  “There is a tremendous opportunity to deliver IoT enabled applications that empower cities and utility providers to capitalize on the Smart City movement.”

There are over 315 million street lights worldwide and 42% of the street lights will be networked to make them “smart” over the course of the next decade. Global Internet of Things (IoT) investment in street light market will cumulatively reach $69.5 billion over the next decade, according to a new study published by Northeast Group, LLC.

CIMCON Lighting provides Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solutions that help cities run smarter while reducing costs. The company uses LED lighting to create a wireless sensor network and platform allowing cities to implement a variety of Smart City applications to manage outdoor lighting, meter electric vehicle chargers, monitor air quality, improve public safety and security, optimize parking, traffic and waste management to improve the quality of life for city residents. CIMCON’s software powered street light controllers and lighting management solution have been implemented in over 50 cities in 16 countries.