New Delhi–E-tail and its allied ecosystem like logistics, warehousing, IT, and ITeS is expected to create direct employment for around 1.45 million workforce by 2021, according to a report released on Tuesday.

The study, titled “Impact of Ecommerce on Employment in India” also said that e-tail is expected to add 0.4 million high-skilled jobs by 2021.

Further, the report prepared by Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, in partnership with KPMG showed that logistics and warehousing sector is expected to be the largest contributor, approximately 55 percent, to direct employment opportunities in e-tail.

“Through this report, we aim to highlight how the industry is generating direct and indirect jobs in core and associated industries, creating entrepreneurship opportunities in the deepest pockets of India and how it is influencing the socio-economic fabric of the country for a more balanced development,” said Snapdeal’s Co-founder and CEO Kunal Bahl.

The report outlined 70 percent of the online sellers is expected to come from smaller towns by 2018-19.

“This report highlights how this impact can be increased multi-fold by facilitating an ecosystem of growth for the industry – developing a skilled workforce, promoting entrepreneurship, improving physical infrastructure, facilitating participation of SMEs and MSMEs, defining clear regulatory frameworks, and providing easier access to funds, etc. to name a few areas which require attention,” said KPMG India’s CEO Richard Rekhy. (IANS)