Gandhinagar– Having slipped to third position in the ease of doing business rankings, Gujarat is hopeful of regaining the top spot, state Chief Secretary J.N. Singh said on Thursday.

Gujarat conceded its last year’s top rank jointly to Andhra Pradesh and Telengana in the all-India State/Union Territory-wise Ease of Doing Business rankings prepared by the World Bank and the Centre’s Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP).

The rankings, released in October Aare on the basis of a 340-point business reform action plan and their implementation by the States andA covers the period from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Referring to the rankings, Singh said the state was wrongly marked in some of the questions circulated by the DIPP.

“In ease of doing business, we have slipped to number three from number one. Out of 300 questions it was one or two questions we felt that we have been wrongly marked,” Singh told the media here.

“One or two questions does affect the ranking, but if you look at the overall scenario there Aare only 5-6 states which are aggressive in industrial investment.

“So when the industry looks for investment there are only four or five states. AASo when it comes to questions like where you will get the overall infrastructure, where you can get raw materials, there we feel we are strong,” he said.

Singh also said the state government departments will look into all the criteria involved in the rankings and will do what was needed to improve them.

“Certainly, Gujarat is one of the most attractive states for investments and we will like to regain the number one spot,” he said.

About Vibrant Gujarat Summit, 2017, Singh said the event was now moved on from being just an investors’ summit and was more of a knowledge platform.

Besides the participation of prominent industry captains from across the globe, the four day summit beginning January 10, will also have eight Noble Laureates sharing their vision.

To be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the eighth edition of the biennial summit will also witness the participation of the Presidents of Kenya and Uganda and the Prime Ministers of Portugal and Serbia.

There are 12 partner countries, including the US, Britain, the UAE, Canada, Japan and France. (IANS)