Bengaluru– To assist and guide the sellers in regional languages, Amazon India on Monday launched support services in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages.

Launched as a pilot in December last year, the initiative saw many sellers requesting for callbacks in their preferred languages.

“India’s linguistic diversity is a huge opportunity for us to expand our seller support services to drive engagement with sellers and empower them to grow profitably on our platform,” said Gopal Pillai, Director and General Manager (Seller Services) Amazon India, in a statement.

The initiative will enable sellers to receive guidance and resolve business queries.

“In addition to states in India with predominantly Hindi-speaking populations, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana have emerged as the top three states in the country with a huge seller base who prefer support services in their local languages,” the company added.

The company’s Global Selling Programme that was launched in India in May 2016 has over 18,000 sellers, selling ‘Make in India’ products on Amazon’s nine global marketplaces to millions of active worldwide customers. (IANS)