New Delhi–Want to spend a ‘yoga and wellness’ weekend with actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra? Well, you have a chance to bid for it in an online auction.

Uber Dreams, an eCommerce start-up, on Friday said the weekend with the actress would be their debut auction.

The auction will take place from Friday till March 15 and the highest bidder — along with a partner — would get to fly to Jaipur and experience three days of yoga and wellness sessions as guests of Shilpa, with interaction and photographs.

Shilpa Shetty

“(The auction) allows people like me to leverage ourselves for a cause we believe in while engaging and connecting with our fans. I am excited to be on the first auction of Uber Dreams,” Shilpa said.

In the initial stage, the company will introduce around 5-8 auctions a month and later scale it up. The money collected from the auctions will be used for good cause, says the company release.

Uber Dreams is supported by various charities and NGOs like People for Animals, CRY, Voice of Martyrs, Reef Watch Marine Conservation and Virat Kohli Foundation.(IANS)