New Delhi–Embattled liquor baron

Vijay Mallya

on Friday said that he was ready to negotiate with banks for one-time settlement and urged the Supreme Court to intervene.

“Public Sector Banks have policies for One-Time Settlements. Hundreds of borrowers have settled. Why should this be denied to us? Our substantial offer before the Supreme Court was rejected by banks without consideration. (I) Am ready to talk settlement on fair basis,” Mallya tweeted.

He said: “Wish the Supreme Court would intervene and put an end to all this by directing banks and us to negotiate and settle. We are ready.”

On Thursday, the apex court asked Mallya about the “truthfulness” of his disclosure of assets and alleged transfer of $40 million to his children in complete violation of the Karnataka High Court order.

In another tweet, Mallya said: “The allegations against me by the Attorney General before the Supreme Court only prove the attitude of the government against me.”

“I have humbly obeyed every single court order without exception. Seems as if government is bent upon holding me guilty without fair trial,” he added.