Hyderabad– Four startups from T-Hub, one of the largest start-up ecosystem builders in India, have bagged global awards, a statement said on Saturday.

Hug Innovations, Loop Reality, AuthBase and Kheyti have received prestigious awards and recognitions in competitions held exclusively to identify emerging start-ups in the country, the T-Hub said in a statement.

T-Hub, which has over 2,000 start-ups in its database, claims to be emerging as the first choice of top Indian startups.

Hug Innovations, the maker of the gesture-control Hug Smartwatch capable of flying drones, navigating smart television, and controlling virtual reality-based applications through hand gestures, was among 1,500 start-ups from all over the world to participate in the Global Mobile Challenge. It was awarded the best in India, top 3 in the Asia Pacific and one of the top 10 finalists in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Hug Innovations was also declared the winner of The India Region Round of the 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition held at Bengaluru. While they received a cash prize of RMB 100,000, another emerging startup player, Loop Reality, was declared 2nd Runner-up and received a cash prize of RMB 30,000. Both these companies qualified for the global finals of the competition, which will be held at Shenzhen, China between April 11 -18.

Loop Reality is a disruptive technology firm, whose first product LoopFit is an immersive multiplayer VR fitness solution, which allows its users to experience outdoor environments, indoors.

AuthBase, a deep tech cyber security company working out of T-Hub has been recognised with the Hot 100-Race To Grace 2017 Award, which champions innovation and enterprise. The company provides frameworks for developers to secure their applications and use Deep Learning to detect and mitigate hack and bot attacks real-time.

The fourth start-up nurtured by T-Hub and garnering international attention after being conferred with the “Acumen Global Award 2017” in Kenya is Kheyti, an AgriTech company that creates dependable incomes to small farmers using technology.

Kheyti designs, adapts and implements low-cost farming solutions that help small farmers increase yield and predictability of produce.

“The unique model of T-Hub enables investors and corporates to plan programs and capacity building initiatives in a targeted and organised manner. T-Hub is also the only model where the government is working intensely with the investor and the partner to fuel innovation and facilitate enterprise,” said its CEO Jay Krishnan. (IANS)