Bengaluru– Bengaluru Regenerative Advanced Institute of Neurosciences (Brains), a neuro spine care hospital, with an investment of Rs 30 crore, was launched in Bengaluru on Thursday.

Brains, launched in association with Sparsh Hospital here, is the first private sector specialty tertiary neuro spine care hospital chain in India.

“We have invested Rs 30 crore on medical equipment and technology and are planning to invest Rs 70 crore more within two years,” N.K. Venkataramana, founder and Chief Neuro Surgeon, Brains, told reporters here.

Brains aims to set the golden standards with cutting edge services encompassing prevention, awareness, advocacy, acute and chronic care, regeneration, rehabilitation and research and training. Among the Brains’ primary focal areas is infusing vitality to brain health.

“At Brains, we offer comprehensive healing services to create a healing eco system for every patient suffering from neuro spinal issues,” Venkataramana said.

Brains has developed a dedicated neuro emergency team excelling in 24×7 neuro emergency, offering specialised consultation and surgery under four categories: neurosurgery, neurology, neuro critical care and neuro emergency.

“We are mulling having similar facilities in other metropolitan cities in the country,” Venkataramana added.