New Delhi– The government has set up more than 2 lakh mobile towers in nine months, Communications Minister Manoj Sinha said here.

The minister also reiterated about the government’s recent initiative to check the mobile tower radiation to allay fears about its adverse effect on health.

The minister was speaking to Zee Regional channels’ CEO Jagdish Chandra in the “A DIALOGUE WITH JC” show on Thursday.

Sinha was referring to the government’s Tarang Sanchar portal that will provide information on mobile towers and and whether they comply with the electromagnetic field emission norms. It will also have information about mobile towers in a particular locality, besides the option to get the details via email.

The portal will allow anybody to request for electro-magnetic field emission measurement at a location by paying Rs 4,000 online.

He also said people nowadays are using data more than voice calls. This, according to him, is an indication that India is heading towards a less-cash economy.