By Sourabh Kulesh

New Delhi–While the debate on the efficiency of multi and single ecosystem vendors for data analytics and security is gaining momentum globally, Indian CIOs prefer to go with multiple service providers for cost-effective outputs, a top executive from Dell-EMC has emphasised.

According to Ben Goodman, General Manager Isilon Division, APJ at Dell-EMC, when we talk about efficiency and a common platform to store all the information, having multiple services allow clients to achieve the diversity in terms of the service that they come up with.

“At the same time, it radically keeps the cost down. Apart from that, it also keeps the operational load down and hits all the metrics that we traditionally see,” Goodman told IANS.

Isilon is a scale out, network-attached storage platform for high-volume storage, back-up and archiving of unstructured data.

Having multiple services gives clients flexibility to operate however they want and “this is the reason why companies chose to partner with Dell-EMC on various technologies” for a seamless experience.

Market research firm Gartner recently said 80 per cent of all enterprise content by the year 2020 will be generated in an unstructured foreign object throughout their individual data points.

“It doesn’t mean that their database is shrinking but almost their new content is created in that format. Isilon division encompasses both platforms including Isilon and elastic cloud storage (ECS) as a combined strategy. The reason why we combine them is because the requirement from India is coming from file system requirements and object system requirements,” Goodman said.

“It consists of the elements like mobility, top system requirements and work analytics. Those applications are growing at a rate globally and in the next five years, I see a very positive outlook from India as most of the initiatives are going to be driven from it,” the executive told IANS.

For him, India is definitely an exciting market. “We are initially ahead of the American and the Japanese market which is much different from ours. There is a lot happening in the Indian market and the future looks promising,” Goodman added.

When we look at the public cloud and private cloud, there is a need to build a business case for each of these.

“India is very much in the forefront with a large footprint with various products. Companies such as TCS and HTO which have a global impact along with a massive opportunity to bring new competitions as people are moving workloads to public and hybrid cloud environments. It shows where we are working with firms driving market innovations,” Goodman noted.

The firms today are holding on to the technologies and platforms which are challenging. The great examples are around data warehousing.

“In my view, legacy data warehousing has had its share. And people are now moving to real-time analytics,” the executive told IANS.

Dell-EMC is coming up with a new all-flash data centre platform called nitro in India that focuses on high-performance workloads based on computing and rendering.

“We have technology such as the Isilon X-Series, which has a perfect design needed for media streaming,” Goodman noted. (IANS)