New Delhi– While almost two-third of Indians agree that poor light quality is detrimental to eyesight, only 21 per cent purchase light bulbs that are comfortable for their eyes, a survey said here on Wednesday.

According to the Philips Lighting survey, for most Indians, eyecare is not treated at par with skincare and other health issues such as managing one’s weight and fitness levels.

The study conducted amongst 9,000 adults across 12 countries, including India, revealed uncomfortably entrenched mindsets with about half of the Indian population compromising on their eyesight by prioritising price (50 per cent) and durability (48 per cent) of bulbs over eye comfort, while making purchase decisions for light bulbs.

“The situation is quite alarming considering the invasion of digital technology in our lives translating into longer screen exposure times, with almost 70 per cent of Indians surveyed spending more than six hours a day in front of a screen and a similar number complaining of eyestrain,” the company said in a statement.

“This also comes at a time as myopia hits record levels globally, with the World Health Organisation predicting that one in two people will be short sighted by 2050, a vision emergency of sorts, in the not too distant future,” it added.

The study said ophthalmologists understand the gravity of the situation and are pulling out all stops to sensitise the general population to step up on their eye care quotient.

“Quality lighting is not only related to longevity, but is also incredibly important when it comes to ensuring our eyes aren’t strained and feel comfortable,” said Sumit Joshi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Philips Lighting India. (IANS)