New Delhi– Envisioning huge potential for Cloud adoption in India, Dassault Systemes aims to achieve a double-digit growth in the country in the financial year, says a top executive.

“Inspite of some adverse impact of GST, we gained more than 10 per cent revenue year-on-year in the last year. This year we are going to do the same and aim for double-digit growth,” Samson Khaou, MD, Dassault Systemes, told reporters.

Announcing its Cloud offerings for India, the 3D Experience major on Tuesday said its growing Cloud business in India could drive electric vehicles’ adoption.

“In India, the key focus is on aerospace, electric vehicle segment and education which drives 70 per cent of revenue at the Dassault Systemes,” Khaou said.

“The remaining 30 per cent is the company’s diversification into consumer goods -retail industry; natural resources – mining industry; biotech – biomedical and pharma industry,” he noted.

Dassault Systemes aims to make one million Cloud users in the country in the next three years.

“In India, we see a lot of potential in Cloud adoption in the Electric Vehicle (EV) and components segment supporting the EV roadmap,” said Sylvain Laurent, Executive Vice President, Dassault Systemes.

“We aim to make one million users in India in the next three years,” Laurent added.

With transportation and mobility contributing significantly to Dassault Systemes’s business in India, the company feels that the Cloud business will accelerate EV adoption.

It said the company’s Cloud offerings will be based on a subscription model for the India market.

Each subscription includes instant access to collaborative applications embedded within the 3D experience platform such as 3D design, engineering, modelling, simulation, data management and process management on the Cloud and social communication, community building and ideation applications for collaborative innovation, among others.

With these cloud offerings, the company also hopes to cater to companies across aerospace and defence, automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and suppliers, industrial engineering and retail sectors.

The company also eyes great opportunity for growth in the Manufacturing sector, 3D printing, infrastructure and construction industry, among others, Khaou said. (IANS)