New Delhi– Tata Power generated 53,556 million units of electricity from its various energy units during fiscal 2017-18, posting an increase of 1.9 per cent in its overall output, the company said on Monday.

Tata Power had produced 52,512 million units of power in 2016-17 from all its units, “ranging from thermal, hydel, wind and solar,” a company statement said.

“It marks a rise of 1.98 per cent in total electricity generated in the financial year 2018, as compared to 52,512 million units of power generated in the previous fiscal,” it said.

During the fourth quarter ending March, Tata Power generated 14,255 million units.

The company’s generation during the last fiscal constituted 4 per cent of India’s total generation of 1,306.614 billion units, the statement added.

Commenting on the figures, Tata Power Chief Executive Praveer Sinha said: “With a commitment to increase our generation output by 40-50 per cent by 2025 through green and clean source of energy, we have developed a well charted growth strategy to fulfil it.”

Together with all its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities, Tata Power has an installed generation capacity, as of May 2018, of 10,757MW, as compared to 10,613MW in 2016-17, according to the statement. (IANS)