2019 Hot Sale Item Plasma Lift Pen K66 With EU Plug Adapter

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2019 Hot Sale Item Plasma Lift Pen K66 With EU Plug Adapter
Skin Tightening Plasma So we always try to stay ahead of the good and bad in the beauty business, one of the newest device treatments is called a Fibroblast or Plasma Pen treatment. So here’s the downlow on these devices and all the dirty details about how to get a safe, legitimate treatment (also whether or not it might be safe for YOU!). Make sure you read all the way to the bottom about scary versions of this technology! What exactly is a Plasma or Fibroblast treatment? What is Plasma?fibroblast-treatment Plasma is a gas made up of positively charged ions from the air. It’s generally created through a cloud of gas (mostly nitrogen) that is magnetized into a beam transmitted from the device. Picture those fun electric balls you have seen as a kid and how it jumps from the base to your finger as you touch the glass. How is Plasma gas used? Places like fluorescent light bulbs, neon signs and plasma televisions. And now, also as a beauty treatment to reduce aging! http://www.beierplasm.com/all-products/ Why do you care about Fibroblasts?plasma-pen-usa Do you remember when you were younger and your face was supple and rounder than it is now (regardless of your age)? That all comes from this beautiful collagen called type I. It’s a collagen you have TONS of in your youth but is slowly replaced by type III collagen over time. Picture type I collagen as well organized, supple and hearty, while your type III is loose, disorganized and smooshy. When you stimulate fibroblasts, they get to work creating white blood cells to repair the tissue damage on the surface and recreate lots of nice, healthy collagen type I, transforming you back to your youthful self! They won’t do this work on their own. Most of them lay dormant until you have a wound that needs repair, so the plasma gas actually creates their activity. It’s in this way that a Fibroblast treatment reverses aging. It also: Forms fresh new surface skin Increases elastin production Removes cellular trash Releases growth factors Actually INCREASES the thickness of skin

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How does it outperform CO2 or Ablative Lasers? It is a much more predictable result that ablative lasers, and it doesn’t create unnecessary damage. Fibroblast services truly targets the tissue that needs repair and takes care of it. They are also far less risky because the tissue is closed immediately so there’s less chance of infection or permanent damage. It also has: Less risk of hyperpigmentation than ablative lasers Significantly less downtime Equal or greater results Shorter window of sun sensitivity than many lasers No blood, no open wounds Rapid healing time Average result holds 3 years Who is the treatment NOT safe for? I have to say, if you’re not properly screened for this service, that’s how you may end up with permanent damage from the treatment. There are many reasons that a person should not have a Fibroblast or Plasma Pen service. Because of this, it is CRITICAL that you see a trained professional. Anyone using a knock off version may not know who its safe to treat and who isn’t safe. Tattoo Removal At Home Hydrochloric Acid Face Mask Matrixyl 3000 And Argireline

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