By Krishna Sinha Chaudhury

Dallas– With the aim of helping small and mid-sized companies become more inventive, global design software major major Dassault Systemes has launched 3DExperience.Works, a new portfolio of industry-aware applications on its 3DExperience platform.

Introduced here at SOLIDWORKS World 2019 on Monday, Dassault Systemes’ annual conference dedicated to the 3D design and engineering community, 3DExperience.Works essentially combines social collaboration with design, simulation and manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities in a single digital environment.

SOLIDWORKS is a solid modelling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer programme that runs on Microsoft.

“Small and mid-sized firms worldwide need digital solutions to grow but have long been challenged to find ones that are right for their size. By introducing 3DExperience.Works, we bring the platform effect to them,” Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman and CEO, Dassault Systemes, told reporters here.

“The 3DExperience platform is set to become the benchmark for business operations in this category of firms through well integrated offerings spanning manufacturing and management that are affordable and easy to implement,” he added.

The 3DExperience.Works was unveiled by Dassault Systemes following the acquisition of IQMS, whose manufacturing ERP portfolio of software applications for mid-market manufacturers has since been rebranded as DELMIAWORKS.

Dassault Systemes said that 3DExperience.Works connects data and streamlines processes from concept to delivery by providing dashboard templates, managed services, access to industry-focused communities and user groups, and applications specific to a variety of job roles.

The event also saw the unveiling of SOLIDWORKS xShape which is the 3D subdivision modelling tool on the 3DExperience platform, and is used for creating designs that require organic shapes with smooth transitions. (IANS)