San Francisco– Microsoft-owned job seeking platform LinkedIn has announced that the word “disruption” was the most over used industry buzzword.

Besides “disruption”, other buzzwords like “Cloud-based”, “value-add”, “scalable”, “authentic” and “bandwidth” also emerged as the most over-used industry buzzwords, according to LinkedIn’s list.

“The word ‘disruption’ won, both because of its excessive volume in digital marketing and the tech world in general and also its betrayal of the very concept it represents,” Sean Callahan, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, LinkedIn wrote in a blog post on Monday.

The job-seeking platform released its “Marketing Madness: Buzzword Beaters” list for the first time this year in a bracket format, dividing the contending words into regions — Jargon, Balderdash, Banality and Cliche.

“We wanted to put our own twist on the bracket sensation this year, so we thought about what drives us mad as marketers and it didn’t take long for an answer to emerge — buzzwords,” Callahan said.

Apart from humour, LinkedIn’s idea behind listing this bracket was to highlight over-used words and phrases which can narrow thinking processes, strategies and plans into the regular universally defined small boxes, the post noted.

“We put together this bracket mainly as a way to have a couple laughs and poke fun at ourselves,” Callahan added. “But there is also a very legitimate rationale for being conscious of our inclination to fall back on the same old cliched jargons.” (IANS)