Ottawa– Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Chinese tech giant Huawei, has sued the Canadian government, the national police force and the country’s border agency, alleging “serious breaches of her constitutional rights” when she was detained, searched and interrogated at the Vancouver International Airport last December.

Meng’s lawyers revealed on Sunday that the lawsuit against the federal government, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was filed on Friday in the British Columbia Supreme Court, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

In the claim, the embattled Huawei CFO said that she was seeking damages for “misfeasance in public office and false imprisonment”.

It says Meng was held for three hours without explanation and access to a lawyer before an RCMP constable told her why she was arrested.

The lawsuit has also alleged that Meng suffered “mental distress, anxiety, and loss of liberty” as a direct result of her detention at the airport on December 1, 2018, while in transit to Mexico and South America.

She was arrested on suspicion of fraud involving violations of US sanctions on Iran, and American prosecutors are fighting for her extradition.

RCMP Constable Winston Yep, three unnamed CBSA officers, and the Attorney General of Canada are named in the civil suit.

It also alleges that the officers obtained a warrant ordering Meng’s immediate arrest, but intentionally delayed that arrest under the guise of a routine border check in order to extract evidence from her, CBC said.

Meng has been living under strict bail conditions in her Vancouver home since her release last December. She has hired at least 13 lawyers from six law firms.

On Friday, Canada announced that an extradition hearing for Meng can move forward.

Meng’s defence team said in a statement that she maintains she is innocent of any wrongdoing and that the US prosecution and extradition is an abuse of legal process. (IANS)