San Francisco– Apple is reportedly working on an all-glass iPhone with a wraparound touch screen, which can display information, icons and images on any surface with the entire device touch sensitive.

Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure, US Patent No 20200057525, describes an iPhone that comprises a six-sided glass enclosure, Apple Insider reported recently.

The patent describes an all-glass iPhone which perhaps could be a better then foldable phones.

“Described herein, however, are electronic devices with enclosures that use glass to define multiple sides of the enclosure. In such cases, the enclosure may appear visually and tactilely seamless, such that the entire enclosure may appear to be formed from a single piece of glass (even though it may be formed from multiple separate pieces attached together),” states the patent.

The sketch of the phone illustrates the curved edges of the device from all the sides with some information showing up on them.

It also shows the wallpaper stretched to the sides with some information showing at the bottom side. (IANS)